Are there any side effects of the programme?

No certainly not, all our technologies are FDA approved. Infact along with weight loss you get effects like elevated energy levels, a younger look and improved medical parameters if any.

Will the weight come back?

The technology that we use is quite sound and you lose fat from the body .It is not water loss, besides that the program is so educative that you learn and discover a lot about nutrition and healthy eating and maintain yourself.

What is the time duration of the program?

It is weight loss goal which decides the time duration of the program. One can lose 2.5 to 5 kg in a month; however there are no starvation diets or any compromised nutrition plan to achieve the same.

Are there any supplements given during the program?

No, meal replacers or oral medications are given to achieve the results. We only give lifestyle recommendation to deliver results that are safer and healthier than any other weight management program.