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  • Head Set go: Head massage


    Benefit: Enhancing relaxation and strengthening dry, sensitive hair.

    Duration: 30 Minutes

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  • Imperial Crown: Head Massage


    Benefits: This treatment relaxes facial muscles and relieves stress.

    Duration – 30 Minutes

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  • Island Exotica: Balinese Massage


    Benefits: Helps relieve tension and improve circulation.

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  • Javanese Experience: Mandi Lular


    Benefit: Exfoliation helps to remove the Dead skin Yellow spices heals skin disorders.
    Duration: 150 minutes

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  • Kati Vasti – Oil treatment on the back


    Benefit: This treatment has a cooling effect on the lower back, relieves back pain and spinal disorders.

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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  • Ksheera Dhara – Herbal milk treatment on the forehead


    Benefit: This is particularly beneficial in the treatment of insomnia, sleeps disorders and facilitates mental relaxation.

    Duration -60 minutes

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  • Lava (Hot Stone Massage)


    Prior notice of 45 mins required Technique: An internationally formulated and acclaimed massage technique using smooth heated basalt stones, strategically positioned and massaged on pressure points for immediate relief. Benefits: This treatment helps to revive your energies and improve

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  • Lava: Hot Stone Massage


    Benefits: This treatment helps revive your energies and improve blood circulation

    Duration: – 75 Minutes

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  • Nasyam


    Benefits:  This treatment releases congestion of nose & throat. Enhances functioning of eyes, Nose & Ears. Helps to evacuate accumulated mycrocytic elements in the head through nasal passage. Stimulates sensory nervous tissue.

    Duration– 30 minutes

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  • Nectar: Honey Steam Wrap


    Benefit: Honey will help to nourish and moisturize the skin along with the exfoliation.

    Duration: 45 Minutes

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