Slimming & Contouring

Achieve slim and gorgeous body in a luxurious and effort less way

Effective body contouring treatment

“Tripollar – The only available treatment which enables Inch loss, weight loss and body shaping.

At three graces we believe that a great body is all about a perfect shape.

Get that perfect shape and contour without any pain and needles
We offer you” worlds most advanced 3rd generation Radio Frequency technology Tripollar for Body contouring”.
rajouri-garden-gallery9-bigTripollar delivers focused and optimal Radio frequency which heats up the fat cells. The rise in temperature forces the fat cells to secrete fatty acids causing the fat cell to shrink giving immediate fat and circumference reduction in the treatment areas like abdomen,flanks,thighs and buttocks.The liquefied fat is disposed of via blood and lymph system.
The treatment gives visible reduction from the very first treatment
Reduction in fat and cellulite
Reshaping of the desired area
Firming and tightening of the desired area

Slim silhouette wrap
Designed to help you achieve a cuddle –ready contoured body, this therapy smoothens the curve, reduces localized fat and gently tones the body. Apart from that it helps in maintaining the nutritional balance of the body. The process comprises of a relaxing massage on the treatment area using a blend of essential oils such as vetiver, black pepper, ginger, basil , eucalyptus and patchouli. It is followed by a special warming body pack made of natural ingredients like seaweed and algae

Biorythmic massage
It is massage performed using long strokes and skin rolling movements in a deep pressure followed by a firming pack for anti cellulite effects It helps to improve circulation and eliminate the toxins from the lymphatic system. The firming pack enhances the skin elasticity and improves the muscle tone.This helps in body firming and shaping.

Effective slimming treatments

Fat Mobilization System
le-meridien-gallery5-bigIt works on the principal Faradic wave i.e. electromagnetic stimulation and infrared rays.“Faradic waves” works out your muscles for fast safe immediate and sustainable inch loss.The Infra red rays deeply penetrate into the localized adipose tissue increasing the blood flow and optimize utilization of fat deposits ,resulting in weight loss.

Thermoslim Therapy
A combination of infrared rays with alternating suction action. The Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the tissues, stimulating blood circulation and cell metabolism the red portion of infrared also stimulates the production of collagen
The Alternating suction action actively massages the skin, breaks lipid chains, boosts blood flow.Together it results in reduction of the adipose tissues thereby reshaping the body.

Body tech perfectionist system
It is an exclusive slimming system which gives synergic application of thermotherapy, electrotherapy and electroporation. The triactive effect remodels the body reducing the hard to trim fat and cellulite.

Vibro workout system
It’s a combination of cardio and strength training that works on the principal of vertical vibration which recruits ninety percent of the muscle mass to exercise.this results in improving maximum strength ,balance and flexibility helping you to achieve faster weight loss.

Effective detoxification treament

Colon hydrotherapy
The New Age lifestyle poses threat of accumulation of toxins in our body leading to imbalances of our systems. Stress, wrong foods, Eating too less or too much causes accumulation of wastes on the innermost lining of our colon(large intestine).

Colon hydrotherapy is a process of cleaning the colon with water which is natures most potent cleanser This dilutes the bacterial concentration in the large intestine.Enhances the absorption of nutrients and reduces stagnated waste material which helps to maintain the harmony of the intestinal flora.