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Three Graces is India’s leading destination for beauty & wellness. It offers the world’s latest solutions using state of the art technology, delivered through qualified and experienced professionals to help you achieve the ultimate goal of complete and inclusive wellness.

Three Graces, which has achieved great recognition through various national & international awards, is built around the concept of “Inclusive Health” and offers wide ranging solutions under one roof, with the sole objective of helping individuals attain & maintain both external and internal beauty & wellbeing.

Three Graces is another offering from the house of Amatrra, the pioneer of holistic wellness in India. “Amatrra” symbolizes itself as the silence that occurs during meditation, between recurrent chants of Om. This silence is the core of connectivity that leads to bliss inner peace and harmony. Amatrra strives to unlock and balance positive and negative, internal and external energies naturally in a step towards self-realization in harmony with the Cosmos.

We at Amatrra believe that true wellness is achieved only when one has reached a state of Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Economic & Social wellbeing.

Three Graces offers Gold Membership with following benefits:

All memberships at Three Graces are either through recommendation or by invitation only and are subject to screening by the selection committee. You can be sure that you’ll be in the company of like-minded people.

The process takes about 48 hours and once approved the decision is communicated to the applicants immediately.

Interested prospects may apply for any of the above category by sharing the following information for evaluation by the screening committee:

The Chairman,
Member Selection Committee,

Hotel Le Meridien 4th Floor, Windsor Place,
#8 Janpath, New Delhi 110 001 (India)

I am keen to be part of Three Graces and interested in the Gold membership. My particulars are enclosed below for review by the screening committee.